Digital X-Ray


Our system is digital computed Radiography. It uses florescent plates that are shot with x-rays the same way as with conventional film. The film is then scanned into the computer with a special scanner. The result is a digital representation of the part being inspected. This system is very versatile and allows us to get all the same images customers are used to with conventional film.
The digital nature of the image gives more versatility as the images can be shared electronically and are not degraded with handling and environmental factors.

It is as simple as X-Raying your part today and you e-mailing the images around the world the next.

Our system is capable of inspecting parts over 2" of steel right in the field.
• Welds
• Castings
• Vessel wall thickness.
• Welder qualification

Testing can be done in the field or smaller items can be brought to our facility.